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Lighthouse Extension Now Has a New SEO Audit Category

Recently, Google added a new category to its Lighthouse Chrome extension for auditing purposes. Now, webmasters and professional SEO services can check basic information against site pages. In a statement released by Google, this ad feature allows webmasters, developers, and SEO experts to perform health checks for SEO. To accomplish that, they can use either Chrome Dev/Tools or the Lighthouse extension.

Not only is the audit feature basic, but there are also no guarantees for SEO with Google web search or any other search engine. However, there are benefits to using the extension, including two methods for running an audit.

  • Lighthouse Chrome – After installing the Lighthouse Chrome extension, the user goes to the extension bar and clicks on the Lighthouse icon. From there, the user chooses the “Options” menu, followed by checking the box for “SEO” and then “OK.” With that done, a report will be generated.
  • Lighthouse on Chrome Canary – This process starts by opening the Chrome Developer Tools. From there, the user goes to “Audits,” clicks on “Perform an Audit,” checks the “SEO” box, and finally, clicks on “Run Audit.” With either system, getting the information needed is seamless and fast.

Lighthouse, which is an open-source and automated tool used for auditing, helps improve the quality of web pages. Because it allows website developers to audit performance, compatibility among progressive web pages, accessibility, and more, users already appreciate what it does. As the name implies, this auditing feature prevents online businesses from crashing blindly into the rocks.

Whether you’re a webmaster, site developer, or expert with a reputable SEO services company, the Lighthouse SEO audit category can help identify areas with a potential risk or those that need improvement. Because users can run this tool locally on a Chrome browser, they can run SEO audits in a staging environment, along with public pages, live pages, and those that need authentication.

The list of audits currently listed reflect and validate the basic strategies of SEO. With easy-to-follow guidelines, a user does not require an abundance of experience to run audit reports. Although this initial launch is primary, Google anticipates a more robust system at some point that can generate audits with more details and better guidance.

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