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Targeting mobile users has garnered a tremendous amount of attention, but now, the value of local SEO services has come to light. Unless a professional local SEO company focuses on your local prospects as part of your marketing campaign, you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

NAP, the acronym for “name, address, and phone number,” is critical for achieving local visibility. Every mention of your business throughout the internet is a citation that features all or a portion of the NAP. As part of local search engine optimization services, the goal is to ensure a consistent NAP, which is often challenging whether you have a single store or multiple locations.

For instance, if you have five brick and mortar locations, there is a good chance of having variations of the name, address, phone number, and website for each, which would likely impact data consistency. Then, when you consider acquisitions, closed locations, and rebranding, now there is an issue of trusting your citations and business information, even for Google.

By working with a reputable local search engine optimization company, your NAP and the message that it sends becomes consistent, clear, and reliable. With that, you gain the trust of Google, which is essential. To better understand why a consistent NAP is vital to your local SEO, consider the following scenarios.

  • Addresses – You want Google to see consistency for business addresses, not only throughout the web but also for your citations, Google My Business, and location pages. Even abbreviating “Street” to “St.” or “N.W.” to “NW” or “Northwest” creates a problem.
  • Phone Numbers – Along with a local phone number, you may have a toll-free number. Again, you need a consistent local phone number across citations, Google My Business listing, and location pages.
  • Websites – You might also have a new URL or variations or a URL, such as .com, .net, hyphenated words, and so on. With variations across your citations, you can expect a negative impact.
  • Acquisitions and Name Changes – If you acquired another company with an inconsistent name or one not yet updated, or perhaps you changed the name of your local business, you could face problems with inconsistency and possible duplication.

A consistent NAP associated with your local business is critical. With the professional local search marketing services that we provide at MacRAE’S Marketing, we will ensure an accurate NAP, thereby boosting the success of your local business.

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