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In the past several years, digital marketing has exploded. Not only has this affected global SEO strategies, it has also impacted local SEO marketing. Today, SEO for a local business is more important than ever before. Unless companies use internet marketing techniques for local small businesses, they miss major opportunities. Following are a few examples of digital marketing advances that impact local SEO.

  • Converging Mobile and Local – It seems as if every few months, smartphone makers announce something new. At the same time that smartphones are becoming smarter, geolocation is becoming more important. Today, most people use smartphones to search for products, services, and brands, which is why Google changed its algorithms to reward sites that are mobile-friendly. For local business owners, this creates an even playing field.
  • Micro-Moments – Micro-moments, a term coined by Google, is another change. Since mobile devices, especially smartphones, break a user’s journey into hundreds of intent-driven “micro-moments,” all in real-time, brands must respond with real-time information. In other words, mobile users want and expect immediate responses to their inquiries. As part of the SEO plan for your local business, you can provide quick answers to common queries, which encourages more transactions online and in person.
  • Voice Search – In response to voice search, there was the introduction of technologies like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now. These technologies are continuously improved to make mobile searches easier and more efficient for people interested in visiting a local business.
  • Social Media Platforms – Social media platforms help consumers connect with local businesses. Every day, millions of people connect to various social media networks for recreation and business. Even in casual conversations, people talk about companies, products, services, brands, and so on. As part of a local SEO strategy, experts use this component to benefit their customers. Social media creates a better connection between consumers and brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Content Marketing – To match the needs and search habits of users, content marketing must continually evolve. For that reason, you must know who your targeted audience is, where they spend their time, and what they are doing. The combined information makes it possible to customize messages. Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, content is created using personas to reach both your online and in-person prospects and existing customers.

To see an improvement in your online and brick-and-mortar business, we can help. MacRAE’S Marketing offers years of experience specific to global and local SEO solutions. Please visit our website or contact us by phone to speak with a team expert.

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