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According to the latest statistics, mobile is now beating desktop in terms of total users. What this means for website owners is that it’s time to optimize website design for mobile usage. The reality is that if your website is now optimized for mobile users, you are likely missing out on a significant potential for traffic.

Keep It Short and Simple

Scrolling down long blocks of text can be annoying, particularly when trying to do so on a small screen. Since most users are now on the go, they usually only have a couple of minutes at the most. To meet the needs of mobile users, it’s important to keep it short and sweet while sticking to the point.

Structure Content

Most people scan content before actually reading it. Given that most users have a short attention span and are easily distracted, it’s important to avoid long posts without attention grabbers or headings. This is especially true for mobile users, so try to use bullet points, lists, and subheadings to quickly communicate what content is about.

List Important Information First

Mobile users have a tendency to be impatient, so make a point of listing the most helpful information first in your content, so it’s easy to find.

Use a Responsive Design

It’s essential that you use a responsive design and template for your website that will scale automatically to fit all screen sizes. Doing so will make navigation easier for users. A large percentage of users will actually click away from your site and visit a competitor if your site is not mobile friendly, so take the time to make sure your site is designed to meet the needs of mobile users.

Use Only One URL

As annoying as redirects and pop-ups can be on a laptop, they can be even more irritating on a mobile device. Avoid aggravating your mobile users by using one URL that will work on all devices and platforms. Keep in mind that search engines typically frown upon the use of multiple URLs for different devices and then redirecting users.

Increase Page Load Time

Use smaller or fewer images to improve page load time. This makes it easier for mobile users to see your site without using up all of their data. Make sure touch-screen buttons are kept easily accessible to improve your site’s mobile functionality.

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