Mobile SEO- Trends and Tips

Mobile search has been a hot topic in SEO for quite some time. Some companies are finding that a large percentage of the searches for their products are coming from mobile devices. This is because people will search for businesses on their mobile phones while on the go. More people are even shopping on their phones and tablets than before.

Mobile SEO Trends

It is best for an SEO agency to know the latest mobile SEO trends. One major trend is having to integrate long tail search terms into a website. This is because people enter search queries into a mobile device differently than they do a desktop computer. The searches tend to be more local because they are on the move when looking for something. They also tend to ask questions using the voice search on their device. They either perform the search through the voice search function in the search engine or through the device’s personal assistant. Users don’t always type their search queries into the search field.

People are also more into being entertained. This is making video a big deal. An SEO service can find ways to make video work for the business. This involves embedding it into the website and making it available on social media so it can be shared.

Lastly, a responsive website is important to make any of this work. An SEO agency can ensure that the website displays properly on a mobile device so that mobile users can read and navigate easily. If a website isn’t mobile friendly, users are likely to leave immediately. The goal is to keep them on the site to convert them to customers.

Mobile SEO Tips

An SEO service can do certain tasks to make sure a website is properly optimized for mobile. When doing these tasks, keeping users on the website and converting them is the ultimate goal. Here are some tips to help make that possible:

  1. Click to call is a good feature to integrate into a mobile site so that a smartphone user can call the business with just a click. There is no having to remember the number. The SEO service can then use call tracking to see how many calls are being made from that button. That is a good reflection of how the website is performing.
  2. Rich content should be used with caution because you don’t want to slow down the site’s load time. A fast-loading mobile site is very important because users don’t want to wait. When they are on the go, they can’t wait.
  3. The call to action should be at the top of the page rather than the bottom.
  4. Always analyze and test to see what is working and what isn’t. A/B testing can be very useful in determining which mobile design works best.

Of course, the trends and tips are going to continue to evolve as user demand and behaviors change. Making sure that mobile is done right will make it easier to move into the future of mobile SEO. Fortunately, a good SEO agency can help create solid footing in a mobile world.

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