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Google announced a new algorithm

Making Appropriate Changes before Armageddon.

Last month, Google announced a new algorithm developed to provide mobile users with search results that are more mobile-friendly. Although the algorithm is officially called Armageddon, most people refer to it simply as “Mobilegeddon”.

Now more than ever, it is essential to fix any mobile issues pertaining to your website. The ultimate goal of Armageddon is to enhance the experience that mobile users have because of archaic web designs. Although your website might provide value for people who use desktop and laptop computers, unless appropriate changes are made it will not be beneficial for mobile device users.

For some time, businesses and brands struggled with accepting the power and potential of the internet but it has become apparent that in order to succeed, this is vital. Without question, the internet is key from a standpoint of operations but also sales, logistics, and marketing.

One of the biggest shifts is that more people are using mobile devices for internet access compared to computers. In fact, the landscape for business operations took a drastic turn in early 2014 with the number of mobile device users connecting to the internet surpassing computer users. To support this growing trend, Armageddon will launch effective April 21.

Internet Use via Mobile Device

Today, people depend on mobile devices to access the internet for a variety of purposes to include:

  • Content/Information – 99.5%
  • Internet Access – 63.1%
  • Check Email – 62.1%
  • Listen to Music – 49.2%
  • Online Gaming – 46%
  • Download and Use Applications – 41.7%
  • Make Purchases – 15%
  • Read Books – 15%


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Impact to B2B

While people use mobile devices to check email, chat with friends on social media networks, searchers, and more, the biggest adoption of mobile use is executives. Conducting business in a very competitive world goes beyond the boardroom. To meet customer demand, businesses must be available 24×7.

Specific to research, executives actually prefer using a mobile device over a computer both during and after office hours. This is proven according to the latest statistics:

  • Own a Smartphone for Business Purposes – 92%
  • Use a Smartphone to Research a Product or Service – 77%
  • Purchase a Researched Product – 93%

To better serve the growing trend of mobile device use, Google is taking serious measures. The problem is that some online business owners have no idea how many of their customers connect via a mobile device. Because of this, it is imperative that you resolve any outstanding conflicts immediately. Unless appropriate changes are made quickly, your business could suffer dramatically, even to the point of failing.

According to experts, this trend is not going to slow down or reverse. Just the opposite, the number of people who use mobile devices to connect to the internet is expected to increase substantially. Therefore, to remain relevant you need to embrace the Armageddon algorithm in order to continue growing the business.

As part of the needed changes, you want to ensure your website uses a responsive design, which means there is just one version of the code for that site. In addition, this code will respond to any display size given but also make necessary adjustments to the layout and content. To maintain current customers but also drive additional traffic, issues need to be addressed ASAP!

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