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Google Search Algorithm Update

Google frequently updates its algorithms to enhance the end user’s online experience. However, with Fred, the latest Google search algorithm update, SEO experts started to panic. First noticed by webmasters on March 8, 2017, this Google SEO update caused a significant decline in keyword rankings and traffic. In some cases, the drop was as high as 90 percent.

Although still unconfirmed by Google, the reaction to Fred came fast and furious. Quickly, webmasters began making modifications, trying again to get favor from Google. Fortunately, the solution for dealing with this 2017 SEO update involves creating valuable content that aligns with search intent. As long as a website’s content focuses on the customer experience as opposed to generating revenue, there are no concerns.

The sites affected most contain questionable black hat SEO tactics used to rank high in search engine results. Among the different techniques is “clickbait,” which Fred hit hard. With this, black hats stuff websites with an abundance of content without regards to its authenticity, coherence, or relativity. Because Google is customer-centric, this causes a huge problem.

Instead of providing users with original, informative, engaging, and useful content, this technique encourages them to click through on an ad or affiliate link with the sole purpose of making money for the person behind black hat SEO. Once Fred discovers these sites, Google no longer indexes them. While information remains vague as to which sites this 2017 SEO update targets, it seems to focus on those with a heavy volume of low-quality ads, as well as thin content with poor backlinks.

If your website provides users with legitimate ads and excellent content, there is no need to worry about Fred. However, if your site contains black hat SEO techniques, such as content with no value or affiliate or ad links in blogs or articles that cover a broad range of unrelated topics to your brand, your rankings will plummet.

Considering that Google takes action to stop questionable black hat techniques, the release of Fred comes as no surprise. Ultimately, this search engine giant uses its updated algorithms to improve on and protect its interest while providing end users with a positive experience.

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