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New Rich Results Testing Tool Launched by Google with Some Rebranding

When it comes to changes and new releases, Google has hit its stride. Recently, the search engine giant announced the launch of a new version of a structured data testing tool. Called “Rich Results,” this tool will now group rich cards and rich snippets. As explained by a professional SEO firm, this is good news for webmasters, marketers, and ultimately, customers.

Incredible Benefits

The benefits of this testing tool come from the fact that it focuses on types of structured data that qualify as rich results. That means that an expert from an SEO services company can test data sources on your web pages, which includes RDFa, JSON-LD, and Microdata, all recommended by Google. Also, the new version of this tool reflects a page’s appearance on Search far more accurately. Even the handling of Structured Data on dynamically-loaded content is improved.

In a statement, Google explained that currently, only tests for Jobs, Movies, Recipes, and Courses get support from his tool. However, it went on to say that over time, it will add other support options for rich results. For webmasters and professional marketers, this tool will help them provide their customers with better services.

With the new version of this testing tool, companies that provide search engine optimization services can more efficiently and accurately make a diagnosis of the structured data on your web page. Because critical things do not get overlooked, Google can crawl your site and get it indexed quickly, thereby helping your web pages rank higher in search engine results.

When you consider just how many changes Google made already in 2017 combined with those coming in 2018, you can see how critical it is to stay on top of everything. For someone with little to no experience, and even for those with some marketing experience, this becomes a monumental task. Fortunately, you can leave changes like this to an expert.

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