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Many bloggers opt not to engage in email list building, assuming that it is a waste of time

and money. But the truth is that building your email list is a great way to boost your

overall visibility and grow your following. And it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or

money. Wondering how to build your blog’s email list without wasting your time or

breaking the bank? Be sure to take a look at these email marketing tips and blog

promotion strategies for effective email list building.


1. Offer an incentive. Even a small incentive can go a long way in enticing

customers to sign up to your email list. For example, you might try a monthly

raffle giveaway for subscribers or offer some kind of extra free content, like an e-

book. The key is to offer some kind of reward for signups.


2. Make sure that your signup form is visually appealing. If you want people to

sign up to your blog’s email list, you need a visually appealing signup form. Make

sure it meshes well with the overall aesthetics of the blog and put it somewhere

that people will see.


3. Leverage the power of social media. Make sure you’re spreading the word about

your blog and your email signup across your social media accounts. Post new

content on your Facebook and Twitter pages, and make sure you encourage

people to sign up to your email list.


4. Thank people for commenting. If people leave a comment on your post, thank

them for commenting. This is a great way to facilitate engagement, which will

boost the likelihood of people signing up for your email list.


5. Advertise in your email signature. If you’re having any kind of correspondence

with readers or potential readers, make sure you add a link to your blog in your

signature. People who are interested enough in corresponding with you are

probably interested in what you’re writing about.


6. Make sure you have a box for your readers to sign up to your email list at the

bottom of each post. If a reader has just finished reading one of your posts and

decided that he or she is a fan of your blog, you want there to be a place nearby

where your reader can easily sign right up to your email list. That’s why it’s a

good idea to put a signup at the bottom of every post.


7. Write guest posts. Guest posts are an excellent way to gain access to a

completely new audience of readers, so it is important to tap into this for email list

building. The key is to ensure that at the end of each guest blog post you clearly

display all pertinent information and make it easy for guests to sign up to your

blog’s email list. This should include a link back to your website, as well as a link

to your newsletter signup form. The good news is that writing guests posts isn’t

just a way to beef up your blog’s email list; it is also one of the best blog

promotion strategies.


8. Get active on forums. Like the previous tip, this isn’t just a way to build up your

blog’s email list. It is also one of the more powerful blog promotion strategies out

there. Think about it, if someone posted a link to a compelling, useful blog post

on a forum you frequently visit, wouldn’t you check it out? The key here is to

make sure you cultivate your presence and post on relevant forums that are

closely related to your niche, sector, or industry.


In conclusion, it is possible to effectively build your blog’s email list with these tips and

tricks. And remember, for more email marketing tips and blog promotion strategies, it

never hurts to contact a content marketing agency!

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