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For months, Google has remained busier than ever while updating its algorithms. In response, experts who provide digital marketing services continue to work hard to understand the modifications and the effects of each one. If you have no idea how the various changes will impact your website, you should speak with a professional online marketing consultant.

One change has to do with the speed at which mobile pages load. Although the new algorithm patch will not boost ranking in search engine results, it will lead to a downgrade if pages do not load quickly enough. Google continues to put a lot of pressure on websites to comply with its requirements to ensure that mobile users have a positive experience.

Identifying Targets

Google will only target websites with the slowest mobile load speeds. As of July 2018, page speed will become a ranking factor for all searches performed via a mobile device. That means that any website with slow-loading mobile pages must take heed and make the necessary changes.

If you have an internal marketing department, your experts can use the PageSpeed Insights tool provided by Google. Otherwise, it is essential that you consider professional internet marketing consultancy to ensure your mobile pages meet Google’s new algorithm standards. The expert you work with will identify or recommend the appropriate optimization solutions to improve the speed of your mobile pages.

Google’s Algorithm Requirements

With each year that goes by, online competition becomes fiercer. When combined with the fact that most people use mobile devices to search online, you can see why getting up to speed with Google’s new algorithm patch is so critical. Getting downgraded for not meeting the standards would make ranking high even more challenging.

Staying up-to-date on all Google’s SEO requirements without professional assistance can become nearly impossible. Therefore, you would benefit from services for digital marketing in Toronto. As the expert assesses, identifies, and corrects any issues that are making your mobile pages load slowly, you can focus on other business matters that require your attention.

Ultimately, Google has one goal in mind: delivering the highest value and most relevant results for virtually every query. For that reason, this search engine giant continually comes up with structural and technical updates.

Getting Professional Assistance

To avoid getting downgraded, contact us at MacRAE’S Marketing, and we will ensure that your mobile pages load quickly. With a full assessment of your site, we can also identify other potential risks, followed by making the necessary changes.

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