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A common misconception about off page SEO is that it is nothing more than a simple strategy for link building in SEO. In reality, this form of SEO offers many more benefits that will help your site perform optimally. Because off page SEO tactics change every year, it is important to work with a reputable marketing agency. That way, you get to work with an expert who understands the most critical link building strategies for 2017.

Although there is an extensive list of options for 2017, the following represent some of the factors with the strongest influence on link building in SEO this year and beyond.

  • Content – Content in articles and blogs must be relevant, useful, informative, and entertaining. You can tell if your site’s content is appropriate based on the number of organic backlinks received from other websites. For search engines to pick up and rank your site high in search results, high quality is essential.
  • Guests Posts – For generating backlinks and increasing traffic to your site, consider posting on a website related to your niche as a guest. When posting on an authority site, there is a good chance that your guest post will get featured on some of the internet’s most widely read blogs, meaning that a lot of people will see your post and bio. Most authority websites also promote the content on various social media networks, which improves your social engagement automatically.
  • Skyscraper – Known as the “skyscraper technique,” this entails locating content in your niche that is well received and has a strong following. You would then look for unique ways to create even better content with a very similar message. With the newly written piece, it is essential to reach people who have already linked to related content.
  • Broken Link Building – Another one of the best off-page link building strategies for 2017 has to do with broken link building. These links occur whenever a page links to resources that are no longer available. A marketing expert will identify a site with broken links that fit your niche. The goal is to request to have a link to your site in exchange for notifying the webmaster of the issue.
  • Relevancy Matters – To get an excellent response from any search engine’s algorithm, including Google, your site must always link to sites relevant to your targeted audience and get backlinks from them, which prove your content is relevant and trustworthy in Google’s eyes.

For help with link building this year and next, please contact one of our team experts at MacRAE’S Marketing.

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