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At first, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies may seem fairly straightforward. In reality, there are dozens of different factors you have to keep in mind, and each of these can make a large difference in terms of the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. While some of the SEO tips you will find are related to your website as a whole or other overall factors, such as authorship or domain name, there is also an on page SEO checklist that you should be sure to follow to optimize traffic.

Length for SEO Checklist

One of the things that search engines look for in high-ranking pages is the amount of content. Because of this, it is important to have at least several hundred words on a specific page. Experts suggest different numbers, ranging from 100 to 500 words, but generally speaking more is safer as long as it is broken up into smaller portions. When creating this content, however, always be sure that it is unique. Repeating content either within your website or from other pages will lower your search ranking.

Keyword Phrases on Your SEO Checklist

When looking at your on page SEO checklist, a crucial factor is your target keyword or search phrase. You want to include this in several key points on a given Web page. The most important is its inclusion in the headline of the page and one or more of the subheadings. It should also appear between three and ten times within the actual content itself, but don’t overdo it, as search engines will see this as spam and lower your ranking. If you have images or multimedia, try to include the keyword phrase in the caption if possible.

Visitor Integration for Your SEO Checklist

Another element to include in your on page SEO checklist should be the ability for visitors to be involved on the page. Ideally this should be both in the form of links to social media pages as well as the ability for visitors to leave comments or reviews or to have a discussion. Pages with active visitor integration will be viewed as more frequently updated, which is always a boost for their SEO ranking.

Multimedia for on Page SEO

Although not every expert includes it on their on page SEO checklist, you should strongly consider adding multimedia. At the very least, include a photo of some sort, but to improve the page’s ranking, also add videos and diagrams. Not only will it help with your ranking, but it will also make your page more attractive to viewers, meaning that they will likely spend more time on your page learning about your product, making a purchase, or helping you achieve any other goal.

Quick Loading on Your Page Checklist

Although not the final thing on your checklist for on page SEO, quick loading is another item that is just as crucial as the previous ones. Many viewers will simply give up on a website that doesn’t load quickly. The majority won’t revisit your page if it takes more than4 seconds to load on the first visit. Search engines are aware of this, and that is why they use it as one of their ranking factors. To decrease your loading speed, try going with faster hosting, compressing your images, or using a content delivery network (CDN).

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