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For industrial manufacturers and distributors, B2B industrial marketing can sometimes be a bit confusing. While it is still important to drive highly targeted traffic, the process of doing so can be somewhat different than with business-to-consumer marketing. Below, we cover some tips for online marketing for manufacturers.

Making Use of Google Base

Among the most common areas to focus for Internet marketing for distributors is the need to provide online access to product catalogs. By creating a data file and uploading it for free to Google Base, manufacturers can ensure that users are able to find their products simply by using Google Product Search.

Video Marketing with YouTube

Offering video content is an excellent way to disseminate complex information, particularly for industrial online marketing. By offering video content, you can encourage other sites to link to your company’s website, which can give your site an overall boost in traffic and popularity. Traditional search engine results are now increasingly integrating video content. Manufacturers and distributors can take advantage of the opportunity to produce videos of manufacturing facilities, product demonstrations, new product intros, technical tips, and more.

Generating Leads

Does your company export products? If so, Internet marketing for distributors can provide an effective method for developing new export relationships. One way to accomplish this is by translating your website content into other languages. This strategy is particularly important if your company markets to countries in which English is not widely spoken. Rather than spending a small fortune translating your entire website, consider instead translating a single page that provides a company overview, discusses products/services, and provides contact information.

Local Search

While many industrial/manufacturing companies do export abroad, it is also important to focus on the ability to be found locally. The use of specific website copy and search engine optimization techniques can help your company attract targeted leads in specific geographic locations. A great technique for accomplishing this is to create web pages for specific regions. Content on those pages would focus on using keywords specifically related to those regions while also describing your company’s capabilities, service, and products in relation to that location. Cross-linking to other local content and participating in local trade associations can also help to give your online B2B industrial marketing a boost.

Making the Most of Technical Support Content

Offering technical support information on your website can provide even more SEO benefits. An effective strategy for doing so is to make some of your support materials available to the public. Many companies do offer such information, but password protects it out of concern regarding proprietary information. This is certainly understandable, but when possible, it’s also a good idea to make at least some information available in a public area that does not require password access. This not only provides content that can be searched by search engines, but also helps to generate inbound links to your website. You can also use this content for cross-linking. Other effective strategies include converting PDF materials, such as specification sheets and manuals, to HTML pages, thus giving you far more flexibility for getting indexed in search engines.

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