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The best lead generation companies implement a variety of strategies that help online businesses achieve higher conversion rates. One option involves optimizing the checkout process on your website. For optimal results, you want to hire an experienced and highly-respected SEM agency.

Even with enhanced visibility and more traffic, unless customers convert, achieving success is impossible. For all businesses, online competition is fierce. Therefore, you need to take advantage of excellent pay per click services to help boost your conversation rate through a streamlined checkout process.

If people have trouble navigating your site, there is a good chance they will leave before completing a transaction. The same is true if you do not provide the right payment options. Below you will find a few example of the various strategies used by a trusted SEM agency.

  • Promote Free Shipping, No-Hassle Returns, and Secure Payments – With identity theft a serious problem, a lot of people do not like to enter their credit card number online. By ensuring them that your payment gateway is 100 percent secure along with emphasizing no-hassle returns and free shipping, you will see an increase in conversions.
  • Single Versus Multiple Page Checkout Process – In some instances, conversion rates increase using a single-page checkout process, while other times, a multiple page solution works best. The professional you hire will experiment to determine which option is right for your site. However, a single-page checkout process offers several benefits. For instance, the page appears shorter, giving customers an incentive to complete the transaction. Plus, they have the required fields on one page, which simplifies the process. Also, with fewer steps involved, people don’t feel like they are wasting their valuable time.
  • Avoid a Mandatory Sign-Up – Another strategy for increasing conversions is by not mandating sign up, meaning in exchange for creating an account, you would not ask for private information. Typically, people want to go to a site, find the desired product or service, and complete the transaction without worrying about receiving emails, newsletters, promotional offers, and so on. However, because you want the information for marketing purposes, the expert you hire can get around this by having an account created automatically in coordination with a purchase or by asking customers to sign up on the “thank you for your order” page.

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For these and other strategies, you can count on our superior service at MacRAE’s Marketing. Our experts will determine the best course of action for boosting your conversion rate. Call us or visit our website for more information.

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