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Google has long struggled to establish its own social network, but many of these social networks were never relevant enough to be included in most content marketing strategies. Google Buzz is dead, and it appears that Google Plus, after having never really caught on, is well on its way out. Google’s new experimental content podium, known as Posts with Google, is an attempt to get back in the social game, facilitating quicker, more relevant interaction between brands and their customers. The best content marketing companies are excited about this. It would allow brands to post about sales or promotions and then have the results show up in SERPs for relevant search queries, which could result in considerable gains in traffic and a significant uptick in conversions.

The overall format of the platform is analogous to a company page on many major social media platforms, with a post feed, a profile picture, and a cover photo — a setup that most top content marketing agencies are already familiar with. The difference is that content from the profile shows up directly in Google SERPs, with a content carousel displaying branded content in the feed. Content that is shared on the profile can also easily be shared across other major social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The goal of this new experimental content podium is to allow organizations to provide real-time updates to users when someone performs a direct brand search, something that could prove to be an invaluable tool for the  best content marketing companies. Google had already been incorporating some real-time information into its search results by displaying relevant Twitter accounts, and recent tweets show up in SERPs in response to queries, but this takes things up a notch.

So, what does Google have to say about this? “Every day, millions of people search on Google, many of whom are looking for information about prominent individuals and organizations. Now we’re experimenting with a new way for users to hear directly from select entities they’re searching for on Google,” the company explained on the official site for the new podium. “Verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with text, images, and videos directly on Google.”

Currently, this brand-new content podium is by invitation only, and there is a wait list to sign up for the podium. It’s likely that Google will open up the podium to more people and brands at some point in the near future. If that happens, this new podium could very well have a significant impact on search and online marketing.

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