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The debate regarding whether paid traffic or organic traffic is best seems to be never-ending. The real question should be: Which method delivers the right traffic? While organic traffic is indisputably the best method for establishing your brand as a thought leader, paid traffic also has its place in a successful marketing strategy. This is particularly true when your goal is to drive visitors to discover your high-quality content. When handled correctly and while working with a professional  pay-per-click agency, paid traffic is far removed from being clickbait. Instead, pay-per- click services can be an effective method for reaching new audiences while ensuring your content does not get lost in the vast sea of the Internet.

Paid traffic can take on a number of forms. When many people think of paid traffic, the first thing that comes to mind are the spammy popups that were so prevalent a decade ago. Since then, however, paid traffic has evolved significantly. Today, when working with a pay-per-click management company, your brand can take advantage of a host of options for reaching people who are already visiting your competitors or who simply have not yet discovered your site.

By comparison, organic traffic focuses largely on the use of carefully crafted search-engine-optimized content. The goal of SEO content is to earn high ranking in search results. This does take time to build. Not surprising, in many instances, organic traffic and paid results often go head-to-head as competitors.

Ultimately, it is not a question of which is best, but rather which method will deliver the right traffic your brand seeks. That means carefully evaluating your goals and determining what it is your brand needs to accomplish. If your short-term goal for your website is to drive immediate traffic, working with an experienced PPC management company to create an effective paid search campaign might be the best option to meet your goals. On the other hand, if your goal is to establish your brand’s authority and earn high search engine rankings, organic traffic will likely better suit your needs.

Still not sure which method would be most effective for your needs? Consider testing the two to discover which strategy provides the best fit. Keep in mind that both strategies can have a place in a successful digital marketing campaign. Often, paid traffic can help you to effectively bridge the gap while your brand is waiting for organic traffic efforts to kick in.

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