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This year, a number of techniques and trends for PPC have emerged. To achieve better online success, each one should be carefully analyzed. Because there are so many decisions involved, you should seriously consider professional  pay per click services. By working with a reputable PPC advertising company, you can trust that the techniques and trends appropriate for your site will be implemented.

2017 PPC Techniques and Trends

  • Improved Audience Targeting – With the best PPC advertising, not only will you notice a significant improvement in targeting the right audience, the audience will be targeted at the most opportune time. Some of the most effective tools to use in 2017 include CRM databases and other initial party knowledge sources, as well as Google’s Client Match or RLSA.
  • Using Attribution and Big Data – Many of the conversion paths used today are complex, which is why micro-moments have become so important. By hiring the right PPC management company, attribution and big data will benefit your site. This year, experts anticipate conventional customer engagement. Because of that, building a loyal customer base using the last click attribution will be ineffective. However, experts understand the value of building relationships with customers, well in advance of being in a buying mode. Therefore, they will gather data from many different channels, converting it into insights.
  • Investing in the Complete Funnel – Unfortunately, many people invest everything in the bottom of the funnel when, in reality, they need to include all areas. Ultimately, this builds a more trusting relationship with the targeted audience and improves loyalty.
  • SERP Analysis – As the SERPs on Google change, knowledge graphs and instant answers have started to overtake a great deal of real estate online. Because of that, attracting searchers is a major challenge. To get past this obstacle, efforts should be more coordinated and SERPs better analyzed. The right PPC management company will accomplish both goals. Using ETAs, the company will work with the correct ad extensions, as well as extra characters. In no time, online real estate will be consumed with search ads.
  • Personalized Advertisements – It is also expected that in moving further into 2017, semi-personalized advertising will grow substantially. As more marketers begin to adopt audience targeting, additional search engine resources will work to make it easier.

To get and stay ahead of the competition, you need to consider these techniques and trends. MacRAE’S offers superior PPC advertising management that will determine which of these is best for your online business both in the short and long term. Please call us today to get started.

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