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Believe it or not, Pokémon GO has actually proved to be a powerful influence on local

business marketing. The augmented reality game was released on July 6; it has since

taken the lead for downloads on both Google Play and the App Store. The free-to- play

location-based mobile game allows you to capture and train Pokémon with the assistance

of your phone’s GPS and camera. In other words, the player actually searches for these

tiny, monster-like creatures as he or she roams the streets and works to snatch them up

with a PokéBall, the special type of contraption that allows a user to catch and then hold

onto the Pokémon. So, what does all of this mean for local business marketing?

A number of businesses have reportedly enjoyed a sales boost due to the extra foot

traffic. Many of these businesses are conveniently located near Pokéstops, real locations

in cities where players can collect rare Pokémon and other items that allow them to better

train their Pokémon and improve their overall account, or Pokémon gyms, where users

can train their Pokémon and teach them new skills. In New York City, Italian restaurant

Maialino is the site of a Pokémon gym — a place where players can go to train their

Pokémon — and that’s evidently translated into a very welcome boost in sales.

If you already have a Pokéstop near your business, you can buy an in-game item called a

Lure Module to get Pokémon to your location. Where the Pokémon go, the players will

follow — which means more foot traffic outside of your store and, subsequently, inside

of it (hopefully). If there isn’t a Pokéstop near your store, you can request one by filling

out a simple form.

In addition, if there is a rare Pokémon found near or in your business, it can be

advantageous to let people know. “I imagine it would increase patronage,” explained

Polygon engagement editor Jeff Ramos. “I forget where I saw it in Brooklyn, but a venue

had a sign in front that basically said, ‘Come in, a very rare and strong Pokémon was

found here!’”

In conclusion, there’s no telling how long this Pokémon craze will last. Of course, this

local business marketing strategy won’t replace search engine optimization companies or

more traditional means of online lead generation. However, while it rages, you might as

well leverage the power of Pokémon GO in local business marketing!

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