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When conducting digital marketing for business, reporting is key. But good reporting is easier said than done. You can’t just throw a bunch of metrics on the page and call it a day. You need to provide data that are relevant to your client in a clear, structured, and compelling way. Then you need to explain what that data mean for your client’s insight. In other words, you need to take the most relevant metrics and use them to create campaign insights. To deliver what your client wants to see in terms of PPC reporting, be sure to ask yourself the following questions when writing up a report.

Would a person with only a rudimentary knowledge of PPC understand this report? There is a reason your client has outsourced PPC to you: He or she simply doesn’t have the expertise to conduct and track a PPC campaign. When writing up PPC or AdWords performance reports, consider your client’s level of PPC knowledge and familiarity with PPC terminology (or rather, lack thereof). It’s your job to make sure that your client understands these reports, so you need to deliver the information in a way that is concise and clear. Always explain what the data you are conveying mean for your client’s business, and be sure to articulate this in a straightforward way.

Will your client care about this data? Don’t waste your time writing up a PPC or an AdWords performance report on things your client doesn’t care about. As a digital marketing agency, it’s your job to understand your client’s goals and what metrics most closely relate to those goals. When you’re drawing up reports, don’t include superfluous information. So, in other words, no, you don’t need to include absolutely every single metric. Only include information that your client will care about.

Is the report visually appealing? A fundamental aspect of good reporting is organizing data in a way that is clear and visually appealing. Always ask yourself if you are presenting data in the best possible way and, if you aren’t, what you can do to improve. Remember, your client cares about presentation.

Are you avoiding reporting on poor performance? When it comes to digital marketing for business, not everything will go perfectly 100 percent of the time. At some point, you may have some performance issues with a PPC campaign you are running for a client. Don’t try to avoid these performance issues or sugarcoat cost them in your reports. As a digital marketing agency, you need to be reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, honesty is always the best policy. Acknowledge what went wrong and include a comprehensive plan of action to address the poor performance and improve results.

Ultimately, clients want to see straightforward reports that clearly delineate what certain metrics and data mean for their business. They want these reports to be clearly organized, honest, and visually compelling. Of course, this will take some your effort on your part, but it is well worth it, as outstanding reports tend to produce satisfied, loyal clients.

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