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Have you heard about the new bots Microsoft is launching to assist with managing BING ad campaigns? If not, it’s time to get educated. These third-party bots are now available in Facebook Messenger, Google Sheets, Slack, and elsewhere. They can be used by marketers for obtaining information regarding campaign performance.

In some cases, marketers can utilize this information and then take action to improve campaign performance. For marketers who are a little uncertain about utilizing the information generated by the bots,  professional SEO services are proven to be critical in putting the information to work.

Microsoft has been working extensively in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots. Referred to as an Associate Account Manager in the Box, the concept behind the bot is to make it possible for Bing advertisers to be guided by their own virtual account manager. Not only will the bot tell brands how their campaigns are doing, it can make recommendations regarding what they could be doing to improve the performance of the ads. Ultimately, this could give marketers the ability to automate a number of back office tasks.

According to Microsoft, artificial intelligence and machine learning may well play a much bigger role in managing campaigns in the future. The company is already working on building out an intent network of native ads. This system could answer even complex questions posed by customers on behalf of advertisers.

In looking at where automation was a couple of years ago, many advertisers remained hesitant and resistant to change. However, that has begun to change. The reality is that an algorithm is capable of performing a number of tasks, including A/B testing, much faster than an individual.

With marketers pressed for time more than ever in today’s hectic world, the use of algorithms to perform certain tasks makes good sense. The use of algorithms appears to be a natural evolution at a time when marketers have an abundance of things to do, most of which are incredibly labor intensive.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can assist marketers by providing more accurate information in a shorter amount of time. They also help by freeing up marketers so that they can work on other areas of their marketing campaigns. Though this technology is still in its early stages, working with a professional SEO company will help your brand get started in taking advantage of this new technology.

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