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You don’t necessarily need to write a cheque to SEO agencies or website optimization services to improve your SEO strategy. With these instant SEO optimization tips, you can fix some of the most common website SEO issues in under 40 minutes. To improve your website’s rankings, take a look at these quick website optimization tips.

5 minutes: Take the mobile-friendliness test. Last spring, Google announced that it had started using mobile compliance as a ranking factor in its PageRank algorithm. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely losing on in terms of rankings. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to figure out if your site adheres to Google’s algorithm criteria. All you need to do is take Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. From there, you can fix any issues to give your website an SEO boost.

5 minutes: Test page loading time. When it comes to website optimization tips, boosting page loading time is a quick and easy fix. Both Google and Bing use page-loading time as a ranking factor. And, regardless of SEO, it’s in your own best interest to ensure that your pages load quickly. According to Kissmetrics, just a 1-second delay in loading time can cause up to a 7 percent reduction in conversions. So, take 5 minutes to test the loading times of your website pages using a test page loading time tool, like Pingdom’s free tool.

5 minutes: Verify your local business on Google Places. Did you know that, according to Google research, nearly half of users who visited a business’s mobile site after conducting a search on their smartphone visited that business’s store within a day? Or that 18 percent of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day? The takeaway here is that local search is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site and customers into your store, so if you haven’t optimized your website for local search results, it’s a major problem. When you search your brand name or the keyword associated with your main product/service offerings, your website should appear in the Google Local 7 Pack. In order for this to happen, however, you need to take 5 minutes and verify your local business on Google Places.

5 minutes: Check to see if your content is intuitive. High-quality, compelling content is the cornerstone of every SEO strategy. Pick a random page on your website and see if the content is intuitive. Is it well -written? Is it engaging? Does it make use of relevant keywords in a natural way? Does it clearly convey your message? If you find yourself answering no to any of these questions, you will need to make some changes.

10 minutes: Test schema-rich snippets. While it’s true that schema-rich snippets aren’t directly used as a ranking factor by search engines, this piece of code tells a search engine what information to display about your business, products, and services, including price, availability, reviews, etc. When your schema-rich snippets tell the search engine to display the right kinds of information, you can significantly boost your SEO efforts by driving up conversion rates, ensuring more users click on your site when they see you in SERPs. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to test your schema-rich snippets using Google’s Testing Tool.

10 minutes: Do a comprehensive review of your link profile. As all website optimization services and SEO agencies will tell you, your link profile is one the foundational elements of every SEO strategy. If there is something wrong with your link profile, such as unnatural or spammy links, you can be penalized. Bad links often happen inadvertently, without your involvement, so it’s a good idea to take 10 minutes to review your backlinks profile and get rid of any potentially dangerous links. Use a tool like Majestic SEO to audit your backlinks profile. If you’ve detected any dangerous links, be sure to use the Google disavow tool to let the search engine know which links it should ignore.

You can make quick fixes to your website to improve your SEO strategy significantly. However, keep in mind that for more complex issues, it’s probably in your best interest to call in an expert for professional SEO optimization services.

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