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Related Searches Box in Image Search Tested by Google

December 2017 was a busy month for Google, as it announced several changes along with testing. Included was testing a related searches box using Google Image search, a mobile version of the search engine giant.

Although some people have not yet seen any change, others have. For the latter group, when using a mobile phone to scroll through images using Google Image search, a box appears that makes it possible to expand the query using “related searches.”

Image Search Testing

Although it’s still in testing mode, this interface allows mobile users to reach beyond standard search results when using Google Image search. If you have ever used internet marketing consultancy, you know that Google is a pioneer when it comes to introducing changes and new apps, programs, and interfaces. Because this change has not rolled out, the question as to whether it will become a hit or disappear remains unanswered.

However, considering that images play a critical role in a successful marketing campaign for online businesses, there is a good chance that this new interface will stick around. The anticipation is that internal marketing departments, as well as professional SEO companies, can utilize the new related searches box in Google Image search as a way of finding quality images that have more diversity while remaining relevant.

As with anything that goes through beta testing, the results will get revealed once it rolls out for real-life use. If this interface proves successful, an online marketing consultant can modify their overall SEO strategy. In response to mobile device users getting more images, online sites could expect to see an increase in traffic.

Google’s Reverse Image Search

This new interface combined with Google’s Reverse Image search could have a significant impact on how well online businesses perform. According to top internet marketing consultants, the reverse image feature can help increase the number of backlinks by as much as 26 percent. Many marketing professionals feel confident that these two changes will have a positive impact on their customers.

Keep in mind that by working with a reputable SEO company, only viable strategies will get implemented into your marketing campaign. Therefore, if this new interface fails to achieve what Google hopes for, the expert you hire will not use it. Whereas, if it does help, then that individual could implement it as part of the overall plan.

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