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B2B social media marketing

Most social media marketing tips tend to be geared toward the business-to-consumer crowd. Even so, business-to-business companies can still benefit from a strong social media marketing strategy. The problem is that most manufacturing companies do not know how to optimize a B2B social media strategy. Below, we cover several industrial social media tips that can help your company make the most of the opportunity to market your company using social media channels.

How to Put Social Media Platforms to Use for Your Industrial Business

If your company does not already have a YouTube channel, now is the time to create one. YouTube can be a highly effective social network, giving you the opportunity to provide valuable product training to your customers. With YouTube, your company can give customers a closer look into your brand while also providing educational content in an easy-to-digest video format. Your videos can range from introductory product videos to how-to videos.

Social media platforms such as Facebook may be best known for B2C marketing, but they can be effectively used for B2B social media services, as well. The goal of leveraging Facebook is to expand the number of likes your brand receives, while growing your fan base. Focus on providing messages to solidify your brand’s reputation. Such posts could include graphs, photos, and even videos.

LinkedIn is another great social network for helping your manufacturing company establish business connections. Begin by creating a profile for your business, as well as a company page. Next, join relevant LinkedIn groups. Investing the time to become active in discussions can also help to increase your company’s visibility.

Twitter is another social media platform that generally receives attention for its B2C marketing opportunities. When used correctly, however, Twitter can provide a wealth of marketing benefits for industrial firms. For instance, use Twitter to let your followers know about new product releases, accolades or accreditations your company has received, or other breaking industry news.

Gaining Feedback for Product Development

Among the benefits of social media marketing is that you have the opportunity to engage in a two-way conversation with your customers and leads. This not only presents the chance for you to share information regarding your company, but to gain insight into what your customers want as well. By using social media listening tools, you can monitor what is being said about your company and use the information you obtain to address specific customer concerns, as well as improve your product development efforts.

Remember that an effective social media marketing strategy is not just about blowing your own horn. While it is important to share information about your company, you should also solicit feedback from your customers. Actively engage your customers by asking for their input.

If you find it difficult to develop a B2B social media marketing strategy on your own, you may find it helpful to work with a marketing company specializing in social media marketing.

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