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According to a top  SEM agency, Google is moving into mobile marketing. For a few years, Google has focused heavily on the mobile online experience due to the staggering number of people using mobile devices for searching online. This is also why any reputable search engine marketing agency will recommend appropriate website changes.

When hiring a web marketing agency, choose one with expertise in mobile marketing and SEO strategies. With Google search engine marketing services, marketing agencies can help build a new site or make a better version of an existing site, using the right mobile marketing techniques.

Intrusive Interstitials

Google’s initial plan for using popups to engage visitors has changed, along with its view on overlays and interstitials specific to mobile browsers. According to Google, because pages with intrusive interstitials provide a subpar user experience, unlike pages with immediately accessible content, any pages with inaccessible user content reached through a mobile search will likely not rank as high.

With the recent changes, Google wants to make it easier for users to gain access to mobile content. Especially for websites with limited responsiveness, mobile device browsing is challenging. Now, this does not mean that professional marketers are forbidden from using popups or on-site messaging, just that they need to use signup bars, as well as popups for age verification and other legalities, and for access or login purposes.

While Google is looking for popups or mobile interstitials triggered once a searcher moves from the search results to the actual page, it has no interest in interstitials or popups displayed after someone views the initial page. If someone clicks through to a site from the search results in Google and then navigates to another area of the same site, a popup or interstitial can be used to engage.

Mobile Website Indexing

Google’s mobile website indexing involves one signal among the hundreds that factor into a website’s ranking. Sites that depend heavily on interstitial ads will probably be required to make changes. However, many other websites can market to mobile visitors using a popup or messaging bar, which applies only to popup ads.

The types of popups, overlays, and interstitials that Google deems negative to the mobile browsing experience remain unclear. Another unknown is whether using a popup or overlay for the mobile website experience is allowed. It is known that websites driving advertising revenue by presenting paid ads via interstitials are in major trouble. Google strongly discourages this marketing practice. The bottom line is that on-site promotions, relevant on-site messaging, and email popups are beneficial for marketers, mobile users, and online businesses.

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