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Whether you are new to the world of SEO (search engine optimization) or simply want to make sure that you have a good handle on it despite using it for several years, being aware of some of the SEO basics is crucial. Although it seems simple at first, SEO can actually end up being fairly complicated. Because of this, most people choose to get a firm grasp on the basics before moving onto more challenging issues. Here are just some of the most important tips and basics to keep in mind.

The SEO Basics of SERP Ranking

The reason people use SEO is to improve their SERP (search engine results page) ranking. Everyone knows that higher rankings are better,because potential customers are more likely to see and click on your link. What not everyone realizesis that where you are located on the first page of search results makes a difference. The fold is considered the area of the screen that is visible without scrolling, and most people tend to look only at results above the fold. This means that it is well worth the extra effort to invest more time and money and get to rank five or higher in the results.

The SEO Basics of Your Title

Your title is clearly important when it comes to creating your Web page, but it is actually even more crucial than some people realize. You ideally want your title to have the title keyword and then the rest of the tag that includes something to get attention. Keep in mind that if your entire title is over 65 characters, Google will probably truncate it, ruining its planned effect. When creating the title tag, also try to make sure that it matches the same type of tone or voice as your brand (whether that is serious, comical, or friendly).

The SEO Basics of Your Meta Description

Another crucial part of SEO basics to understand is the meta description. This is sometimes overlooked, but it can end up amounting to free advertising if used correctly. This is the small description that appears under the link to your website on the SERP and can give a potential viewer an idea of whether or not your website is right for him or her. Keep in mind that like the title and title tag, it should match the same tone as your company and there is a character limit (usually 160). You can also change your meta description at different times of the year (such as holidays) to increase its relevance.

Search Engine Influences and SEO Basics

Obviously, in order to get better SERP rankings you need to understand what influences the results of the search engine. Because of this, one of the most important SEO basics is to understand what the search engines look for. Points will be assigned based on its bounce rate and whether your site works quickly and well, has high-quality content that makes it an authority, and is easy for users to navigate. Of course, the actual content of your site also plays an important role, as it must be relevant.

Using Various Platforms for SEO

One final point to remember when learning the SEO basics is that you shouldn’t just be using SEO on your main website. It is also incredibly useful on various social media pages and other platforms. Try to use consistent keywords between the various platforms to help with your branding.

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