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Have you found yourself wondering how to get more readers to your blog? Do you want more sales, downloads or traffic to your website? Well, the key is to help your target audience find you! How do you do that? In our new SEO for Dummies book, we give you step by step instructions to understand and implement Search Engine Optimization best practices. With these tips, you can optimize your website and rank higher in search engines. Whether you’re brand new to internet marketing or you’ve got some experience, this ebook is designed to speed up the learning process and help you understand the importance of SEO. SEO for Dummies is packed with information on how to select the best keywords to target, create pages that search engines can read and index, show up in local search results, improve your social and video marketing efforts, and much more!

Covering all the bases

Don’t be intimidated by the “experts” and their technical jargon. SEO is intended to be intuitive: it’s all about creating a great user experience for the people visiting your website. What do you want to see when you visit a website? Of course, you want to see that it’s relevant to what you’re searching. Useful information, high quality content and recent updates are also factors that help a website get noticed by visitors – and by search engines. So when you’re optimizing your website, it’s important to have relevant keywords, content and meta-tags that describe the content to search engines. If you’re wondering how to analyze a list of potential keywords, to identify the ones that matter, to narrow down your list and select the most powerful keywords, look no further.SEO for Dummies has got you covered. In addition to selecting keywords, this ebook explains the process of content creation. Sourcing content ideas is a major bottleneck for the majority of websites. Generating ideas, writing content and then optimizing it for the readers and the search engines can be an arduous task. Imagine how easy it would be if you had simple instructions that outlined: where to get content or ideas, how to create relevant and informative content, how to tweak duplicate content, and how to package it neatly for search engines to find it. Well, we’ve done just that.

Build with Integrity

SEO for Dummies also explains how to generate local traffic, from users who live near your business. Creating links to business directories, review sites and local maps can be very valuable. But it’s important to remain cautious, avoid spammy links and search for only high quality, relevant links. Finding those links – and earning links from other sites in your niche – can be time consuming. Fortunately, we’ve mapped out the process for you. Once you’ve optimized your content and created a handful of top priority links, you can expand your online presence to social media. Search engines love social networks and this ebook will explain why social is so important for SEO. You can also find out how to attract links with video and promote your videos to increase traffic.

Find out More

There’s a ton of other useful information – like 10 SEO Myths and Mistakes – packed into SEO for Dummies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the guides out there and are looking for an easy place to start, you’ve come to the right place. Skip the useless tutorials, abandon the “gurus,” and just read about what works. For more information,

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