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For the past few years, search engine optimization, or SEO, has been the primary focus when it comes to promoting a website and company online. This method is constantly changing as new strategies are developed, but recently there has been a push toward using social media marketing in addition to SEO. While SEO focuses on improving your rankings in search results, social media efforts aim to increase recognition on the various social networks. At the moment, there is a large debate about if one of these is better than the other. In reality, the two work together effectively, but you still need to consider these factors to truly understand SEO vs social media.

Using Social Media to Help with SEO

When social media was first increasing in popularity, it was commonly used as a way to help with your SEO strategies. Despite sometimes being considered a separate marketing technique, social media continues to assist with SEO. Even by doing something simple, such as adding the ability to share articles on social media directly from your website, you can see a drastic increase in your rankings. Google in particular is taking steps to link social media and SEO with its promotion of Google Authorship. This tool combines Google+ with other SEO strategies to increase your ranking.

Engagement in SEO Vs Social Media

The reason the debate of SEO vs social media continues is that they are both effective strategies. In fact, they share many factors that can increase the effectiveness for either campaign, with one key point being engagement. A social media campaign won’t be effective if you simply put your product out there but fail to engage your audience by interacting with them via the social media pages. The same is true of SEO, as you need to make your articles engaging to readers; websites with comments or discussions tend to be ranked higher.

Trust and Reputation with SEO Vs Social Media

At the same time, when looking at reputation and trust, there is not a huge difference between SEO and social media. Google Authorship, which was mentioned above, is one way that you can easily use social media to increase your reputation. At the same time, simply increasing brand recognition on social media can help with your reputation.

SEO Vs Social Media Based on Product

Most experts will tell you that you shouldn’t be too concerned about SEO vs social media, as one is not necessarily better than the other. If, however, you are a small company with limited resources, you may need to know where to place the emphasis in order to stick to your budget. In this situation, your focus on SEO or social media will depend on your product. Products that tend to be impulse buys or viewed as “fun,” such as novelty items, tend to do better on social media. Necessities, such as electricians and contractors, however, tend to do better with SEO, as people will look for their services in a Web search.

There Is No SEO Vs Social Media

The thing to take away from the debate of SEO vs social media is that this debate should not even exist. In reality, the two strategies work best when used together. Your dream for your company should be that when you type it into a search engine, you see the following: your website, your international websites (if applicable), and your social media websites. To achieve that, you need to combine social media with SEO.

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