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Is Your Site Secure

If your website URL still starts with HTTP as opposed to HTTPS, and you have no one within your business who understands how to change it, you need to contact a professional web design and development company. The reason is that soon, Google will ban sites with HTTP since they are not considered secure.

In just four months, Google’s Chrome browser will flag every website without the HTTPS encryption. Once Chrome 68 launches in July 2018, any sites that still have HTTP will get marked as “not secure,” which will appear highlighted in the URL bar. That means both current customers and prospects will no longer have access to those sites. At the same time, those sites will not rank in search results.

If you still have HTTP in your URL, an affordable web design company can help. For a nominal price, an expert will convert your site to HTTPS, making it safe. As people begin using the new Chrome 68 browser, they will reach your online business without any problem. Because there are millions of sites that need to switch over, it is in your best interest to contact a reputable internet marketing company as soon as possible.

This demand should not come as any surprise since Google began advocating the change from HTTP to HTTPS several years ago. Back in 2016, the current browser, Chrome 62, began marking all HTTP sites that had insecure data entry fields. In addition to that, Google sent out notices to websites asking for credit card or password information letting them know to make the change to HTTPS.

As the internet continues to grow, so does criminal activity. In response to that, Google will now force websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, regardless if they have input fields. The benefit of switching is that your browsing data becomes safe from anyone who might want to spy on web traffic going between your browser and a server.

As soon as this information started to come out, the top websites immediately took the appropriate action. At this time, 81 percent of the top 100 sites no longer use HTTP and use HTTPS instead. In breaking that down, today, roughly 80 percent of all traffic on Mac and Chrome OS is secure, while about 70 percent of traffic on Chrome Windows has protection. As for Android, the number is slightly less at 68 percent.

An affordable web design company will work quickly and efficiently on your behalf to enable HTTPS for your site. That way, you do not have to worry about any disruption in your business or how your site ranks in search engine results. In fact, once people see you have a secure website, there is an excellent chance that traffic will increase even more.

Remember, along with designers, developers, and marketers, most people who shop online pay close attention to changes like this. That means they have already started to avoid going to sites with just HTTP. If you have a product or service that online users want, changing to HTTPS will have a positive impact on your overall business.

With July around the corner, now is the time to act. If not, you could find yourself in the middle of a mess. Instead of waiting until the last minute, contact a trusted internet marketing company explaining that you need to make your site secure by adopting HTTPS encryption. The process is seamless when performed by an expert. It is imperative that you not get left behind. If customers and prospects get an error message when trying to reach your website, they may never come back.

Make Your Website Secure

One benefit of switching from HTTP to HTTPS before the rollout of Chrome 68 in July will ensure that people continue to find your site. Getting ahead of the curve will also boost traffic.

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