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Believe it or not, one of the main reasons that SEO campaigns fail is unrealistic expectations — not because of budget issues or strategy flaws. Clients will often drop a campaign before it has a chance to even make an impact because they don’t automatically see improvements in SEO rankings. In order to ensure successful campaigns,  internet marketing consultants need to work to manage their clients’ expectations. Let’s take a look at how you can deal with unrealistic expectations of SEO clients.

 Discuss Expectations

One of the most important SEO questions to ask a client is about his or her expectations. An internet marketing consultant needs to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of what a client expects. Those expectations then need to be managed. If a client expects to see improvements in SEO rankings overnight after a campaign has been put in place, it is up to the internet marketing consultant to offer a more realistic view of things. Don’t assume that a client has SEO knowledge. Make sure he or she can understand things in a clear and basic way.

Part of managing your client’s expectations is setting a realistic timeline. You want to ensure that a client understands that it isn’t possible to see results overnight. That’s why it is key to establish a timeline with realistic goals. One way you can do this is steering your client away from placing too much weight on rankings. It’s more important that the campaign improves visibility and cultivates a better web presence. For example, goals might include a 10 percent increase in online business or a 5 percent increase in online traffic. Realistic expectations are about more than just rankings.

Track and Update: The Keys to Success

In order to manage your client’s expectations, the keys are to track a campaign’s success and give the client frequent updates regarding important metrics. This should include reports that outline the progress made on key metrics. Remember, an informed client is a happy client. Once your client has realistic expectations, you need to keep clients posted as to progress made toward those expectations.

A Better Strategy Means Less Stress for You

The bottom line is that there are a number of things you can do to manage unrealistic expectations of SEO clients and to develop and execute a successful campaign. And, if a client does get upset, it is vital that you keep your cool. Act like a professional SEO agency expert and maintain an attitude that is positive and understanding. The worst thing you can do is argue with a client, so always make sure to keep communication constructive.

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