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SEO lead generation is a major priority for many ecommerce stores. However, once you’ve generated leads, you also need to convert them. To improve your ecommerce store’s conversion game, check out these top strategies.

  1. Great product descriptions are convincing. When people read a great product description, they are more likely to be convinced of a products value. So, what makes a great product description? It should be compelling, concise, and, of course, well written.
  1. Quality product images make people want to buy. There is no denying it: Images sell. No matter how great your product descriptions are, if you don’t have a compelling image to go along with it, your conversion rates will suffer. People always want to be able to visualize what they are getting.
  1. Product videos are the wave of the future. Descriptions are good, images are great, but video is the wave of the future. Video is even more successful at helping customers visualize your product, helping drive them closer to converting.
  1. Customization enhances customers’ sense of ownership. When ecommerce stores allow customers to customize products, sales go up. After all, once you’ve spent a few minutes customizing a product to accommodate your own needs and preferences, it suddenly feels more like your own — meaning that you’re more apt to purchase it. If your ecommerce company has the resources, customization is a great way to boost conversion rates. 
  1. Charging for shipping will kill your conversion rates. It’s a real buzzkill to have a customer make it all the way to checkout, only for him or her to abandon the purchase because your shipping rates are too high. Research consistently shows that customers are more likely to make a purchase when shipping is free, so you should capitalize on this to boost your conversion rates.
  1. Creating a special section for sales and specials is appealing to customers. Customers like to feel like they’re scoring a bargain, and they are more apt to buy when they think they are buying something that is discounted. It helps to have a sales and specials section of your store that it is easy for your customers to find so that they feel like they’re getting a good deal. 

The bottom line? Once you have your SEO lead generation strategy in place, you need to figure out how to convert those leads. The higher your conversion rates, the healthier your bottom line.

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