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Industrial Companies’ Marketing Challenges

Our survey revealed some interesting (as well as expected) results for industrial companies’ greatest marketing challenges. Some people had one or two of these marketing challenges, while others felt like all of them were trouble areas. The top categories that surveyors were as follows:

All of the actual stats for these marketing challenges are in our White Paper. To download the full white paper click here.

#1. Generating more traffic

Everyone wants to have more traffic on their page. The more people that visit it on a regular basis, the higher chance you have of them walking away with something that you offer. Not all traffic leads to sales, but increasing the number of visitors helps get your name out there and increases the chances of creating returning customers. The way that this is done is to be in the better ranking for Google searches. Most people don’t go past the second or third page when they search for something, meaning it is absolutely vital to make it into this small window to be noticed or successful. This was the #1 marketing challenge.

#2. Making a Current Website Better

Another issue that businesses have is feeling like the website they currently have is not up to business standards. Having a poor website is almost as bad as not having a website at all. Customers will be worried about the integrity of the business and may even go somewhere else to get the same business. It’s really not about what you have to offer, but how you show those products and services to your customers that wins them over. Even the biggest companies in the world can come to a screeching halt if they have poor site design. This was the second marketing challenge.

#3. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of having a site. It’s what determines where your page lands in the results when keywords are run through an engine. Even with this, there are very few sites that understand how to use the system to their advantage. This was the 3rd marketing challenge.

#4. Using Facebook and Twitter for Business

Social media is quite possibly the most underrated platform out there. When used correctly, this can let you reach out to current customers and appeal to future ones. The biggest concern that businesses have is dealing with issues that end up turning into PR nightmares. If you understand what social media is for and plan accordingly, social media can be used to your advantage and will make you stand out from competitors that choose not to use it. Does this sound like the same types of problems that you have? If so, we will be able to help you get on the right track. Don’t lose any more valuable time trying to tackle issues like these. Our experienced team will be able to show you the best direction for your business and get results fast. This was the fourth marketing challenge.

To download the full white paper click here to see in more detail these marketing challenges. To download the infographic click here.

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