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An online advertising network, also known as an ad network, is a company that works to connect advertisers with websites that want to host advertisements. Basically, they are like an ad matchmaking service. Running a highly successful ad network is a lucrative opportunity, but it is also quite a challenge. The most successful ad networks tend to have these five best practices down pat.

  1. Pay attention to the metrics that matter. When running an ad network, it’s easy to lose time painstakingly review every possible campaign metric. For example, when it comes to PPC and ad networks, the best PPC management services know how to hone in on the metrics that are most relevant. In other words, they can distinguish between the need-to-know and the nice-to-know. To run a highly successful campaign, you need to run a highly efficient campaign—and that means picking out and tracking the metrics that have the biggest impact on your campaign and its ROI.
  1. Don’t check performance indicators too often. Again, the most successful ad networks are also the most efficient. Don’t glue yourself to your computer screen tracking the numbers. Instead, check your indicators a few times a day to quickly scan for anything that might require immediate attention.
  1. Look beyond the numbers. When it comes to running effective ad networks, numbers will only get you so far. Don’t just concentrate on improving metrics and performance indicators. While that is certainly important, you also need to cultivate relationships with publishers and advertisers in order to succeed. The best ad networks have close direct relationships with a range of advertisers.
  1. Share knowledge between internal teams. Sales teams, publisher management teams, and advertiser account manager teams all routinely share information within highly successful ad networks. This ensures that everyone can gain insight into what clients want and how to deliver it.
  1. Deliver engaged users. In today’s hypercompetitive world of online advertising, engagement is key. The most successful ad networks can deliver users who will actually engage with an ad’s content and even make a purchase. For example, when it comes to PPC and PPC management services, the best ad networks won’t just get any users to click on your ad, they’ll get engaged users who are more likely to make a purchase to click.

The bottom line? Developing a highly successful ad network is certainly no easy feat. But it can be accomplished by adhering to these best practices.

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