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When it comes to SEO and social media, there is a definite connection. With the best social media management services, a professional will ensure that this connection is appropriate and strong. Top social marketing companies understand just how critical SEO is for driving traffic, increasing visitors, and converting customers.

Please note that the caliber and type of services offered by  social media marketing companies vary, which is why researching at least three candidates is so important. The way, you can make comparisons and identify a trusted and respected social media optimization agency.


Content is the biggest connection between SEO and social media. To reach your targeted audience, whether through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or some other social media network, you have to provide content that people find interesting, helpful, entertaining, and informative. With SEO, your content is optimized, which makes your site rank higher in search results.

When creating content for social media, there are several key factors to consider.

  • Client Centric – The content must be client centric, meaning the client is the central focus.
  • Valuable and Problem Solving – Your content also has to be of value so that it offers guidance or helps solve a problem.
  • Avoid Jargon – You never want to use jargon when creating content, whether a blog, article, or video.
  • Shareable – It is also important to provide shareable content.
  • Non-Promotional – While it might be tempting to promote your product, service, or business, social media is the wrong platform to do so.

Link Backs

By offering high-quality content on social media sites, you are more likely to see link backs to your website, which boosts your ranking.

White Hat vs. Black Hat Techniques

Google never wants to see things like keyword stuffing, fake websites, and other manipulative black hat techniques when trying to optimize your site. By working with a reputable social media optimization agency, the expert only uses legitimate methods to help boost the number of followers. In response, the number of views and shares increase.

Bolster Authority

Your social media influence can strengthen your authority in your niche. If Google sees you as a credible source, your website and blog posts will rank higher.

Hiring the Best

Because there are many other do’s and don’ts for SEO and social media, it is critical that you turn to a professional company. MacRAE’s Marketing has provided people with superior SEO services for years and would love the opportunity to assist you. Please visit our website or call us today.

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