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Based on information from the best social media marketing companies, there are do’s and don’ts for a marketing campaign. Because social media marketing campaigns are a critical part of success for today’s online businesses, this insight is priceless. Instead of trying to figure things out yourself, rely on help from an expert from one of the top SMM companies.


  • Audience – Always target your audience. In other words, go after followers and likes of prospects that would have interest in your product or service. Make sure that you have set goals, perhaps getting 15 new followers per week, and when someone follows or comments, be sure to follow or comment back. Your response promotes engagement with prospects, thereby enhancing your online exposure.

  • Engagement – It is important to ask open-ended questions that encourage conversation, ask for people’s opinions, and always say thank you when people retweet or share your content.

  • Content – Post original, informative, useful, and engaging content on a frequent basis while paying attention to the rules set by various social media sites. You should also share reliable sources when not writing your content. Keep things interesting with a variety of posts relevant to your brand.


  • Audience – Do not waste your time buying followers. People who use social media sites are keen in identifying fake profiles, which would damage your reputation. Also, never focus on sales. Although you want more sales, by focusing too much on this area, you fail to entertain and educate people, which is what they want. Social media has a significant impact on business, but make sure that you encourage followers to visit your website as well.
  • Engagement – Never ask for promotions, as this would make you appear like a spammer. Even when you are extremely busy, do not ignore comments or messages. In addition, while you might have a strong opinion about something, avoid confrontational conversations, choosing to remain professional at all times instead.
  • Content – The goal in sharing content is to provide prospects with just enough useful information to pique their interest. Not only will too much sharing discourage people from clicking through to your site, but it will also make your content appear to be spam. As mentioned, never share irrelevant information and avoid being inconsistent. That means you should never post multiple blogs one week and then skip several weeks before posting again.

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