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What are the latest trends in digital marketing? Let’s take a look at the things the digital marketing companies out there are hearing the most about.

Video ads. Did you know that a video in an email could actually boost conversion rates by up to 300 percent, according to HubSpot? Or that combining video ads with full-page ads can increase engagement by 22 percent? The bottom line is that video is a powerful force. Digital marketing companies are realizing this, helping companies to leverage the power of video to boost engagement, drive conversions, and, ultimately, improve bottom lines. Digital marketing companies are increasingly reporting that clients are upping their video budgets.

Mobile. There is no denying it: In today’s world, mobile is king. Mobile use has surpassed desktop use. A full one-third of customers report that they use only their mobile to make purchasing choices, and a full 40 percent said that their smartphone was their most important tool when researching a product. Expect to see more digital marketing strategies completely tailored to mobile.

High-performance ads. In performance-based advertising, an ad is only paid for based on clear, measurable results. New research reveals that high-performance ads perform incredibly well, offering profits of close to two times the original investment. Those are pretty impressive rates of return, so expect to see more of this high-performance advertising as it catches on.

Personalization. According to Usabilla, a personalized marketing experience makes consumers over 55 percent more likely to buy. Personalized marketing is becoming more and more important, and digital marketing companies are increasingly recommending that companies use customer data to tailor their marketing efforts to either individual customers or customer personas.

Social media. Social media is increasingly evolving into a highly effective marketing platform that allows companies to pin down highly targeted audiences. Social media channels, like Instagram and Facebook, are particularly effective in terms of branding, and they are seeing higher and higher rates of ad recall. Instagram, for example, sees 2.8 times higher ad recall than other online advertising channels. As result, companies are increasingly using social media to make contact with their target audience.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. As any digital marketing company will tell you, it’s important to always stay ahead of the curve.

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