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A reputable  SEO services company can help increase your blog’s visibility and actionability. As part of offering the best SEO services, the company will use the latest and most innovative content marketing strategies to ensure that you get the results you want. To make a difference in how people perceive your blog postings, start by hiring an affordable SEO company in Canada today.

Although different companies use slightly different content marketing strategies, those outlined below rank as the most effective.

Keyword Research

One of the first and most important steps involves doing research to identify keywords relevant to your product, service, and even company. Unless you use the appropriate keywords, you will have a difficult time driving traffic to your site. Also, it is important to use keywords throughout your blog post without overstuffing.

Forget about hitting a density percentage and focus more on relevancy and natural flow. For the biggest impact, use your primary keyword in the blog’s title, once in the opening sentence, and again in the final paragraph. However, if your blog contains title tags, a meta description, and anchor text, add the primary keyword there, as well.

Image Optimization

Another SEO tip is to optimize images in your blog. For example, use your primary keyword in the image file name. In the alternate text field, be sure to include a short but keyword-rich photo description.

Referencing Link

If you mention another blog, article, or blogger in your post, you need to include a referencing link. In other words, wherever you talk about the other blog, article, or blogger’s name, link to the source. Not only does this serve as a great networking tool, it also shows proper SEO and blogging etiquette.

Blog Subscribers

To enhance the visibility of your current blog post, as well as any future blogs that you write, provide your readers with a way to subscribe. Included in this should be Feed Subscription Buttons or a prominently positioned RSS. You should also consider making it possible for your readers to subscribe using their email address.

Social Media

In today’s digital world, utilizing social media to broaden the reach of your blogs is critical. Whether you choose Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or a different social media platform, using social media will get your blog the exposure it deserves.

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