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B2B industrial marketing

When it comes to B2B industrial marketing, it’s important to make sure you have the proper tools to make the most of profitability and productivity. Among those tools are industrial marketing directories. Such directories provide an excellent array of marketing opportunities. Below, we explore the top 10 B2B industrial marketing directories.

MacRAE’s Blue Book

Known as America’s original industrial directory, MacRAE’s dates back to 1893, which predates ThomasNet. Focused exclusively in North America, this industrial directory includes more than two million product listings and more than one million industrial companies. Among the benefits of using MacRAE’s is the fact that this directory is optimized to feed listings to major online search engines.

HIS Engineering360

Originally launched as a product database primarily focusing on the aerospace industry, HIS Engineering360 has since undergone a number of expansions and acquisitions. Today, the company is a respected source within the industrial space and offers a range of opportunities, including free online listings, an industrial search engine, industry news and analysis, and reference libraries.

Referred to as a global online manufacturing marketplace, works to connect sourcing companies with engineers, buyers, and purchasing professionals free of charge. Current marketing opportunities on this directory include free sourcing, free account creation, and requests for quote bidding.

IQS Directory

In this directory, you will find many of the same opportunities as other directories. One element that does make IQS unique is the fact that free company listings are not available. Instead, the company focuses on providing added value through paid premium and standard listings.


This is easily one of the most affordable industrial marketing directories, particularly in terms of premium listing opportunities. Free profiles are available, but keep in mind that if you choose to use the free profiles, you will not receive the greatest degree of SEO benefit.

Process Register

The biggest advantage offered by Process Register is the sheer amount of traffic this directory receives. Each day, Process Register receives approximately 20,000 unique visitors. That, combined with the directory’’ free listings, make this a directory that should not be missed.


This industrial directory provides a wealth of information that can make it much easier to find the information you need about participating companies, including contact information.


This may not be as large as other industrial marketing directories, but if you need to branch out from North America, this global directory is definitely an option to consider.


Containing a number of advertisers, KellySearch is yet another excellent industrial directory to consider when you want to reach your target audience.

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