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Thanks to information provided by a top digital marketing agency, you know which five metrics work best for a successful campaign. Although experts use many different digital marketing strategies, without using the right metrics, success could easily slip through your fingers. A reputable agency that provides professional digital marketing services knows how to build and maintain a campaign that achieves the results you want.

In today’s age of digital marketing, you can use measurable metrics and other analytical data in real time. Because this business landscape continually evolves, you need to rely on professional digital marketing services that keep you ahead of the curve. The right metrics will show you what strategies work along with areas needing improvement. Broken down into three categories, including traffic, conversion, and revenue, these five metrics are critical.

  1. Website Traffic – This metric measures and monitors traffic to your site. Especially if you begin to see a significant change in the volume of traffic, you need to know why. Along with the number of page views and website hits, you need insight into the number of unique site visitors on a weekly or monthly basis. The greater number of unique visitors, the better the opportunity for prospects.
  2. Source of Traffic – Knowing the source of traffic to your site is also valuable. With that information, you can leverage sources deemed most beneficial. As part of this, an expert will determine the keywords used most often, again making it possible to modify if needed.
  3. Mobile Users – Although all digital marketing strategies have value, focusing on the number of mobile users provides incredible insight into how you can improve the structure of your site and its content. Ultimately, this will help with the engagement of both mobile and non-mobile users.
  4. Conversion Rage – A top marketing agency will determine your conversion rate. While you can get a tremendous amount of leads, unless they convert into viable paying customers, they offer no benefit. By utilizing a conversion rate metric, you will know which aspects of your campaign get the best results.
  5. Return on Investment – By using metrics that track traffic to your site and the conversion rate, you can accurately measure your return on investment. This metric will help identify the areas of your digital marketing campaign driving sales and revenue, making it possible to improve wherever necessary.

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