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Better site ranking is possible using eight on-page SEO techniques, according to a top  professional SEO services company. For proper implementation, you want to turn to a professional SEO company. The goal is to identify companies known for providing outstanding yet affordable SEO services. You can conduct an online search for the best SEO companies for small businesses or ask for recommendations from people you trust.

  1. Engaging Content – Engaging site content is vital, whether blogs, articles, press releases, work manuals, and so on. The SEO expert will post questions to your visitors and provide much-needed solutions.
  1. Page/Blog Title – Using the correct page/blog title is one of the most critical techniques for improving a site ranking. When a headline is optimized and appealing, more people will click through. The more clicks, the higher the ranking. The experts at the professional SEO Company you hire will use the targeted keyword or phrase at the beginning of the title whenever possible. Otherwise, it is used somewhere else in the title.
  1. Meta Tags – Blogs need a unique Meta description that includes the targeted keyword while being user-friendly and relevant to the content.
  1. Repeated Keywords – Instead of boosting your website’s ranking, overusing the targeted keyword in a blog does the opposite.
  1. Permalink Structure – Correctly displaying your site’s URL is also important. The permalink includes using the targeted keyword in your URL while avoiding the use of brackets, symbols, commas, and special characters.
  1. Internal and External Linking – Both internal and external linking are essential. Internal linking enhances usability via anchor texts, boosts the number of page views, and improves PageRank. In addition to linking to your blogs, an SEO expert links to external websites.
  1. Use Images – Images on their own are important. However, to boost your search ranking, they must be optimized using the targeted keyword. The expert will add the keyword to the image title and alt text so that visitors stay longer and engage better.
  1. Blog Word Count – Even if the content is excellent, keep blog posts between 400 and 500 words. Anything longer will negatively impact your site ranking.

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