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Plugins For Seo

Even the best professional SEO services company use plugins to make things easier and SEO more effective. So, what are the most valuable SEO plugins out there?

  • LinkPatrol. This handy plugin lets you take control of all of the links on your site, ensuring you can monitor each outgoing link and keep track of associated metrics. It can also help you to avoid being slapped with a Google penalty by helping you clean up your anchor text and spammy links. Moreover, with an intuitive interface, using this plugin is simple.
  • Broken Link Checker. As any professional SEO services company will tell you, broken links are bad for SEO and they are bad for user experience. That’s why the best SEO companies across the spectrum — from affordable SEO companies to top-rated SEO companies — all make getting rid of broken links a priority. Luckily, with this convenient plugin, you can eliminate broken links on your own without hiring a professional SEO company.
  • SEO Friendly Images. Optimizing images is key to boosting your SEO strategy. This plugin helps you add ALT attributes to all of your images. Remember, the better your image optimization, the more organic traffic you’ll bring in.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast. This comprehensive SEO plugin lets you do just about everything, from adding meta values to webpages to creating site maps to controlling indexing. Professional SEO services companies say it’s one of the most comprehensive plugins out there.
  • Keywords are an integral component of an SEO strategy. This plugin is an excellent way to take your keyword strategy up a notch. This plugin is especially great for generating long-tail keywords. This is key, because long-tail keywords are much easier to rank for and drive more organic traffic. It’s much easier to rank for a specific phrase in your niche than for a single generic keyword. By choosing the right keywords, you can improve your rankings and boost traffic.

The bottom line is that SEO is crucial to marketing success in today’s world, and SEO plugins can help you to get the job done. With the help of plugins, you don’t need to hire a professional SEO services companyto succeed at SEO.

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