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Google boosts ranking for https and SSL sites

When it comes to SSL certifications, there are different types. Therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate one. As small data files, they bind a cryptographic key to your business details digitally. When you install an SSL certification on a web server, both the https protocol and padlock get activated. Also, they allow for secure connections going from the server to a browser.

One of the many benefits of SSL certificates on a website in SEO is that Google boosts ranking for https and SSL sites, deeming them secure. In other words, among the hundreds of factors that Google uses for ranking purposes, sites need both https URLs and SSL certifications.

Different Types

The following are the SSL certification types along with brief descriptions.

  • Domain Validated – These certificates get checked against a domain registry. Without any identifying business information, they never get used on commercial sites. Although inexpensively priced, they are high-risk for this kind of website.
  • Organizational Validated – As trusted SSL certificates, businesses get strictly authenticated by real agents against databases hosted by governments for business registries. Unlike the first certification mentioned, these contain legitimate business information. This certification is the standard required for both public and commercial websites.
  • Extended Validation – An extended validation SSL certificate is the most trusted and secure, which is why top organizations around the world choose this one. Although organizational validated certificates have value, because the extended SLL certificate is the most trusted and secure, online businesses experience an increase in transactions while enhancing customer confidence.

Choosing the Right SSL Certification

Fortunately, when hiring a reputable SEO marketing agency, you leave the decision as to which SSL certification is right for your site to an experienced professional. You know the domain validated certificate is not an option, but depending on your business, the expert helping you will choose either the organizational or extended validation certificate.

With an increase in the number, severity, and frequency of online threats, extended validation SSL certification is the optimal choice. Not only does this make your site safer, but it also helps boost the success of SEO strategies.

Hiring the Best Marketing Agency

At MacRAE’s Marketing, we can assist you with all of your SEO needs, including the implementation of the correct SSL certificate. Call us today to learn more or to get started on improving your online business for greater success.

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