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If have noticed a change in your online website’s ranking, consider hiring an  internet marketing consultancy. Whether you notice fluctuating rankings or some other strange occurrences, a digital marketing consultant can determine if Google’s Possum update is the problem and, if so, help your site recover. Obviously, internet marketing is powerful and essential, which is why Google changes its algorithms so often. However, the new Possum update is getting both positive and negative reviews.

Fluctuating Rankings

Revealed in September 2016, the Possum update is the biggest for local SEO since 2014’s Pigeon algorithm. This update has shaken the SEO landscape, good and bad. This algorithm affected Local Finder and 3-pack, commonly referred to as Google Map results and local results, respectively. After being implemented, websites that had ranked incredibly well lost a significant amount of traction only to see their rankings decline. On the other hand, sites that struggled to rank high saw an impressive spike.

Research shows how the Possum update impacts online business rankings. For instance, 9 percent of keywords had business pop-ups in the Local Finder although they were not there previously, 15 percent of keywords showed a business increasing up to two positions, and 14 percent of keywords showed the business decreased by as much as three positions. Overall, 64 percent of keywords experienced some kind of change, good and bad.

For local SEO, Possum ranks businesses located outside of city limits higher. That means when conducting a Google search for a specific type of business and using the largest nearby city as a filter, such as “ABC Diner Miami Florida,” the business will rank higher to those keywords even though it is located in Hialeah. This update levels the playing field for businesses directly within city limits and those in close proximity.

Additional Changes

A digital marketing consultant can determine if your IP was affected. Possum improves accuracy by factoring in a user’s IP address when generating search results. This was done primarily because of the huge volume of people conducting searches via a mobile device. This is a positive aspect of the update in that it gives you an edge over your competition.

Prior to the Possum update, a user could use similar keywords or phrases to get virtually the same results. For instance, whether typing in “ABC Diner Miami Florida” or “Miami Florida ABC Diner,” the results were almost identical. Possum changed that, and depending on the specific keywords used, there could be a significant variance in results.

If you suspect that the Possum update has negatively impacted your search ranking and you need help with recovery, we can help. MacRAE’S Marketing offers years of experience and unrivaled expertise for all SEO and SEM strategies. You can learn about our services by visiting our website or calling us to speak with a company representative.

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