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Video Feature Options Open to Some Businesses on Google My Business Listings

For some businesses, including delivery types, Google’s “My Business” now offers verification via video. One reason why companies rely on local SEO services is that on occasion, the process of verifying an address to ensure it appears in both Google Maps and the sidebar of Google’s business is long and frustrating.

To streamline this verification process, not only has Google simplified the original process, but it has also introduced Video Verification. Regardless if you use a local SEO services company or rely on your internal marketing team to get your business verified, the process is easier and faster than ever.

Video Verification

With the Video Verification process, Google uses its own Hangouts application designed to host video calls. This application and browser-based app offers a host of services such as voice calls, video calls, and text-based messaging, among others. With any of these, you can communicate with just one individual or several. In fact, support for voice and video includes up to 10 people.

As explained by a top local search engine optimization company, Video Verification works on iPhone and Android smartphones. You will first need to install the Hangouts app and then schedule a call with the team that supports Google’s My Business. The one criterion is that when the call comes in, you must be at your business location.

At the chosen time, you will receive a call that notifies you to check your email and click on the included link to launch the Hangouts video call. From there, you will walk around your business, pointing your camera at specific things like your products, the signage on the outside of the building, your business card, and more. Usually, the process takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

When complete, you will receive another email from Google’s support team, often within an hour or two, requesting a few follow-up details. With that done, your business is now Google-verified. Although you can still use the original method of verification, if you experience any problems, you have a backup solution in the form of Video Verification.

Getting Professional Assistance

For questions about Google’s new video verification solution or help with any SEO issue, contact us. At MacRAE’S Marketing, we offer stellar local search engine optimization services at competitive rates. Visit us online or call today to get started.

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