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With the dawn of a new year, it is now time to begin thinking about how new trends will affect web design this year. Below are just a few of the trends you will likely see in the coming months.

Responsive Design Is Now the Standard

Over the past few years, responsive design has become more and more the standard for web design. As a result, an increasing number of websites have gone the way of responsive design and that is not something that is likely to change. In order to remain competitive, it is now imperative that you ensure your website is based on this form of design.

Responsive Design

Increased Emphasis on Typography

In the past, in order to implement typographic design in your website, you often needed a large budget because those type kits were usually expensive. This meant that if you were a WordPress user, you were often left out in the cold. Today, that is changing and type kits have become increasingly affordable. In the case of Google Fonts, it can even be free. This has made it much easier for designers to enjoy a greater degree of freedom even if they have a small budget with which to work. This also makes it possible for WordPress designers to feature more typographic elements in their themes.

Scroll Over Clicking

Mobile is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. As mobile grows larger, it has become more important to ensure an enjoyable and effective mobile experience. In light of that transition, scrolling is now the preferred option over clicking. Not only is it intuitive, but scrolling is also much easier and helps to reduce load times. As a result, it is possible to take advantage of much interaction between the website and the user.

Card Design Improves

Card design is certainly now a new concept, but in the coming months, we will likely see it become even bigger and better. This is due to the fact that cards make it possible to rearrange columns and keep a nice, clean modular format. Cards also offer the opportunity for users to drill down even further and see more information.

Flat Design Evolves into Material Design

Flat design has received a tremendous amount of attention over the course of the last year or so, but in the coming months, it is likely that it will evolve more into material design. If you are not familiar with material design, it is a new concept unveiled by Google last year. While on the surface, material design seems similar to flat design, there are subtle differences in layering and animation.

Interactive Storytelling

Interaction is quickly becoming the focus for web design and on the heels of that is the desire for a platform on which to tell compelling narratives and stories. This does not mean that every page should be focused on telling a story, but there is now more of a focus amongst brands to weave together narrative elements.

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