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Website Speed Update

As of July 2018, your website must have fast-loading mobile pages. For some time now, Google has focused intently on improving the mobile user’s online experience. However, this search engine giant recently announced that it would start to look at websites with the slowest loading pages, thereby affecting search ranking. To make sure that your mobile pages load fast, consider hiring a reputable web design services company.

In Google’s publicized announcement called “Speed Update,” it made it clear that the change will only affect a small percentage of queries. However, considering that Google processes roughly 3.5 billion search queries every day, this will involve a significant number of websites.

As explained by a top SEO optimization company, slow-loading mobile pages will impact several factors. That was not the case until Google’s announcement that page speed was an official ranking factor in its algorithm. Now that it will be starting July 1, it is essential that you get your site assessed and fixed to meet the new requirements.

Just two years ago, analysts with Google hinted that page loading speed would one day become a ranking factor. Even before that, Google had strongly emphasized the value of fast-loading pages relating to the mobile user’s experience. Because of that, it provided webmasters and experts who offer web design and development services with a host of innovative tools.

The following is the takeaway from Google’s announcement:

  • While Google will hone in on sites with the slowest-loading mobile pages, at this time, there is no benchmark that webmasters and SEO experts can use to make a judgment call.
  • The change will impact all mobile pages, regardless of the technology used to build them. That means that these new rules will affect even an AMP site with slow-loading pages.
  • Although speed is a critical ranking factor in Google’s eyes, it considers content the most relevant. Therefore, a slow-loading page with excellent content could still rank relatively high.
  • Google does not have a notification system or tool to advise webmasters and SEO experts that provide web design and development services about whether the update will have any impact.

Superior SEO Services

To avoid any impact because of the change to Google’s algorithm, contact us at MacRAE’S Marketing. We will assess your site and make any necessary modifications to ensure that all your mobile pages load quickly. As a result, your site will rank high for mobile searches, which is critical for achieving online success.

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