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Content marketing has become increasingly important over the years, particularly in light of changes introduced by Google emphasizing quality content. Content marketing involves a strategic approach focused on the creation of relevant, valuable content used to attract your target audience. This is accomplished through the creation of consistent content with the goal of enhancing or changing consumer behavior. It should be noted that this is an ongoing process that works best when integrated with your comprehensive marketing strategy. Rather than pitching your services or products, you are instead delivering important information to make your visitors more informed.

Unfortunately, many website owners struggle with creating valuable content on a consistent basis on their own. Hiring a content marketing company can help you make the most of this opportunity. In order to seize that opportunity, however, you need to understand how to find the best firm to meet your needs.

When hiring a content marketing agency, it is important to understand the types of services you should expect. Various content marketing companies may deliver a variety of services, but at a minimum, you should expect the following:


In the early stages, a content marketing services company should work with you one-on-one to understand more about your mission and vision. This step is absolutely vital to forming the foundation of your plan. This will help establish goals as well as identify the best strategies and tools for achieving those goals and measuring results. As part of the marketing assessment performed by your content specialist, you should expect the consultant to review the following:

  • Your site
  • Social media presence
  • CRM system
  • Lead capture system
  • Buyer personas
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing funnel

Strategy Development

Additionally, your content marketing specialist should develop a strategy to assist you with your content marketing. The strategy developed by your content marketing specialist should include the following:

  • An analysis of your top keywords
  • Necessary website improvements
  • Identification of the right keyword tools to use for your site
  • Social media improvements
  • Marketing funnel development
  • Content creation checklist

Content Creation

A team of experienced content creators will work to develop the content you need to attract visitors and help your website become established as an authority site.


Regardless of the size of the content marketing firm you hire, it is important to find a firm that is willing to work with you and be accessible should any problems arise. Accessibility is vital to ensure that your needs are met. The best way to measure this is by asking direct questions regarding the firm’s manpower as well as the amount of time it will be dedicating to your website. Find out the best way to reach the firm and whether your will have a specific project manager assigned to your company.

Search Engine Optimization

The use of relevant keywords in the right places on your website and with the right density can go a long way toward improving your site’s SEO rankings. Any content firm you consider hiring should be able to assist you with developing content with the right keyword optimization as well as tracking results.

A/B Testing

Testing should be a critical part of any process used by your content marketing agency. As part of that process, the firm you hire should test copy, headlines, and images to improve your site’s results on a continual basis.

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