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Just how important are influencers to digital marketing? More important than you might realize. In fact, influencers could be critical to transforming the landscape of  digital marketing.

As most marketers know, it’s critical to your marketing efforts to have your target audience receive your message. Yet, it’s becoming more and more difficult due to the amount of information overload present on the Internet. Consumers today are bombarded with more promotions, information, and advertisements than ever. It’s easy for your message to get lost. As beneficial as social media can be, it has also grown to the point that marketers now find it increasingly difficult to get noticed on large platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With more consumers making the shift to social media for product research, networking, and entertainment, those same consumers are now placing more trust in their online peers. Consequently, influencers have become critical to helping brands get noticed online.

Who exactly is an influencer? An influencer is anyone who is well-connected and has the ability to have an impact on both peers as well as consumer purchase decisions. This connection could be based on popularity, authority, position, relationships, or knowledge on social media. Most influencers have a high degree of clout, and if an influencer chooses to endorse a brand, he or she can prove to be a tremendous asset. Common examples of influencers include bloggers, social celebrities, industry experts, socialites, journalists, etc.

The goal of influencer marketing is to identify and then target and build relationships with specific influencers for the purpose of increasing your brand’s reach, social media exposure, and brand awareness. When performed properly, influencer marketing can increase sales and profits. Influencer marketing can also help boost your brand’s credibility by helping you to seem more believable and trustworthy to consumers. Brands can also see a boost in SEO through content, such as reviews, blogs, and testimonials.

As vital as social media may be to the landscape of marketing, it is critical to recognize that a shift has occurred. It is not a brand’s place on social media to sell to consumers. Instead, you must take a position of educating and entertaining. Your brand must be able to engage consumers successfully, not pitch to them. Influencers are key to helping you make that transition. Rather than your brand selling, let influencers do it for you while you focus on building relationships.

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