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For professional inbound marketers, an inbound marketing certification can be an excellent way to demonstrate the validity of their skills, helping them distinguish themselves from all of the amateurs out there. Of course, the prospect of an inbound marketing test probably isn’t exactly thrilling to many people. The good news is that there actually are a number of advantages to earning an inbound marketing certificate. Here is why every marketer should get an inbound marketing certification.

It’s interesting. One of the best reasons to get inbound certified is that the content is incredibly interesting and very relevant. Much of the content is interactive, and the course videos are informative, concise, and compelling. This is a great way to enrich your understanding of inbound marketing strategies and tactics and to stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

It’s free. The great news is that an inbound marketing certificate won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it is actually free! You aren’t just getting certified; you are getting access to a wealth of inbound marketing information and content, including videos, PDFs, and study guides, all of which are also completely free. If you can deepen your professional knowledge without paying a penny, why not do so?

It’s a relatively quick process. Not only is getting inbound marketing certified free, it also won’t eat away at your time. You can get inbound marketing certified relatively quickly. For example, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification has just 12 classes and 4.5 hours of total video time. That means you could feasibly be certified in a day or even less. If you dedicate your hourly lunch break to the course, you could be certified in just a couple of weeks.

In conclusion, an inbound marketing certificate is a great way to showcase your professional inbound marketing skills while also improving your understanding of inbound marketing. Not only will you be on top of the latest trends, but you will also have a competitive advantage when applying for jobs or trying to secure a client. And, as an added bonus, the process is interesting, quick, and free! Overall, getting inbound certified is an excellent deal.

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