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Any reputable  local search engine optimization company knows the importance of following white hat link-building techniques, along with the consequences of following black hat techniques. When it comes to link building in SEO, certain rules apply. Because of that, you need to choose wisely when hiring a link-building SEO service. Along with white hat techniques, the right company will utilize link-building strategies for 2017 deemed the most effective.

White hat SEO consists of using various optimization techniques and strategies that focus solely on a human audience rather than search engines. With white hat SEO, the link-building SEO service you hire follows all of the policies and rules of the search engine. In comparison, black hat link building in SEOinvolves using strategies to improve a site’s search engine ranking that do not follow all policies and rules.

In other words, search engines consider black hat techniques as manipulative and somewhat dishonest. Although this does not involve the exchange of payments or bribes, nor is anything automated, it looks bad. In fact, when trying to use link building with black hat strategies to link to another site, the webmaster can easily refuse. The bottom line is that white hat tactics are respected and provide more viable opportunities.

To avoid being penalized by search engines, an expert should only use white hat techniques. Not only will this help improve your site’s ability to reach your targeted audience, you will begin to see increased traffic, a higher number of leads, and more conversions that ultimately improve your search engine ranking.

For 2017, several white hat link building techniques are considered essential. For example, consider reaching out to smaller websites within your niche, asking if they would like to offer insight or make a quote that you can include in an upcoming blog. When using link building, you want to stand out as an authority, someone who is an expert in the product or service sold.

Especially if you are a new blogger, you will probably need to work a little harder then someone that internet marketers know. By linking to the site on your blog, you build an online presence that benefits them and you. One important note, when talking to other webmasters, never try to sell your product, service, or company. Instead, you need to come across as an authority who can add value to their website.

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