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The newly improved Google Search Console will have one year’s worth of data added. Although it’s scheduled to roll out sometime in early 2018, it went into beta testing this past summer. As expressed by a professional SEO services company, the testing period gives marketing experts and webmasters a relatively good understanding of what the Console will offer, which in turn, will benefit customers.

Google gave access to users invited to participate in the beta testing period more than 365 days of Search Console data. Considering that the current version only has 90 days, that is a substantial increase. What that means is that companies offering professional SEO services get a much broader view of impressions in Google Search for websites.

Also, when hiring an SEO optimization company, it will have the ability to make comparisons year over year, which was impossible before the Google Search Console update. Customers can benefit when they have an expert develop a marketing campaign for their businesses.

Since 2013, rumors circulated that Google would make this change to the once-named Webmaster Tools, now called Search Console. Now that it has come to fruition, at least in beta testing, marketers cannot wait to use it. Along with all the other professional SEO services provided, this will help them help you better and more efficiently.

As part of the enhancement, users have options when running a performance report. They can change the date range by filtering how they want to see the of data. For instance, marketers can select the last seven days, 28 days, six months, 12 months, or if preferred, get all of it by choosing the “full duration” option.

As far as how the “full duration” option will pull up information remains somewhat of a mystery. In other words, no one knows yet if it will cut data provided off at precisely one year or if it will extend further. Either way, it is helpful for all experts who work with Google Search Console data.

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For all your SEO needs, our team of experts at MacRAE’S Marketing has the experience and expertise to develop a successful marketing campaign for you. Once the new Google Search Console rolls out, we will already be up to speed and can, therefore, assist with that as well. Please call or visit us online so that we can get started devising a plan for your business.

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